Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right fireplace cleaning company has never been easier. Chimney Sweep & Stove Lee Services offers top-tier cleaning services for your chimney! You can learn more about my services through these questions! I have taken the time to answer all of the questions my clients in Auburn, CA have had throughout my years of service. If your question isn’t listed here, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Why do I need to clean my chimney?

Having your chimney cleaned is needed to safeguard your safety. Soot naturally accumulates within the chimney when you use a wood fireplace or an oil appliance. You should treat this soot accumulation since it can catch fire. You should also look for carbon monoxide (an odorless and poisonous gas), heat, or smoke leaking into your home. If your chimney has huge gaps or fractures beneath the drywall, this is a possibility. You can hire my chimney inspection to make sure everything is running properly.

How often should I clean my fireplace?

I strongly advise at least a yearly cleaning, especially if you want to use your fireplace frequently throughout the winter months. My top chimney sweep is able to take care of all of the filth and soot accumulated in your chimney.

How should a fireplace be cleaned?

To do a simple cleaning, remove the grate and andirons from your fireplace. Scrub them with a nylon brush before rinsing with water and wiping them dry. You’ll need to shovel out the ash and trash in your fireplace before you can use it. After that, you may scrub the walls with the nylon brush as well. I propose cleaning the floor with newspaper or anything to gather the soot. I advise contacting a professional service for extensive cleaning and to confirm that no serious leaks or fractures have formed. Give me a call to learn more about my pellet stove cleaning services!

My fireplace reeks, particularly during the summer. What should I do?

The odor is caused by creosote deposits in the chimney, which are a natural consequence of wood burning. When the humidity is high and the air conditioner is switched on, the odor is generally stronger in the summer. A thorough cleaning will assist, but it will seldom address the problem entirely. There are commercial chimney deodorants that work well, and many people find that baking soda or even kitty litter placed in the fireplace works well. The true issue is the air being sucked down the chimney, which is an indication of general pressure issues in the house. A top-mounted damper with a tight seal will help minimize the amount of air flowing down the chimney.

How do I know if my chimney or fireplace needs to be cleaned?

You should get a fireplace cleaning when your chimney presents the following signs: your fireplace has the aroma of a campfire, the fire burns in strange ways, it takes more work to start and maintain a fire, the room is filled with smoke, and the fireplace damper is dark in color. Even when the fireplace isn’t lit, you can smell the fragrance of burning wood. When you start a fire in your fireplace, it just does not burn as effectively as it used to. It’s more difficult to light a fire, which might be due to blocked chimneys and reduced airflow. Fire needs the presence of oxygen. Even with the chimney open, smoke wafts through the room from the fireplace. Creosote accumulation is indicated by a black damper.

If you have any more questions regarding my chimney cleaning services, don’t hesitate to call me today at (530) 206-9472. My reliable services at Chimney Sweep & Stove Lee Services are open to all my clients in Auburn, CA. I will work diligently to find the best solution so that you can enjoy your fireplace in no time!

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